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Two years to the day since we were booked, it was finally time for Sophie and Craigs wedding

Having known them for such a long time, it felt like the day would never come but it’s amazing how the pace picks up as you get nearer the day.  We started with Sophie and her girls at Jesmond Dene house whilst they attended to the all important hair and make up preparations.  We always start early and this means that Sheila can remain with the girls whilst I head off to meet the guys, which in this case was a short drive to the couple’s home.  Here, I had to become dressing consultant as the boys were wearing cravats but each one needed to be tied individually.  It’s amazing what you have to turn your hand to on wedding days and over the years we have done most things.  It’s all part of the job really.  Back to the girls and Sophie was almost ready but we still had plenty of time.  She was looking great and the nerves were starting to build.  On the other hand Craig looked very calm when he arrived for the ceremony in the great hall.  Ceremony over without any problems and it was then time to complete the all important group shots in the garden before enjoying some time around the venue with Sophie and Craig.  We still had plenty of time to grab loads of informal shots of everyone enjoying themselves.  And enjoy themselves they did!  The weather held good for us all and before we knew it, it was time for speeches and the wedding breakfast.  A little bit of time as the evening guests arrived to spend some more time with the couple and into first dance.  All in all a great day and we were delighted top be part of it.

Sophie & Craig-101 Sophie & Craig-102 Sophie & Craig-103

Sophie & Craig-104  Sophie & Craig-107 Sophie & Craig-108 Sophie & Craig-109 Sophie & Craig-110 Sophie & Craig-111 Sophie & Craig-112 Sophie & Craig-113 Sophie & Craig-114 Sophie & Craig-115 Sophie & Craig-116 Sophie & Craig-117 Sophie & Craig-118 Sophie & Craig-119 Sophie & Craig-120 Sophie & Craig-121 Sophie & Craig-122 Sophie & Craig-123 Sophie & Craig-124 Sophie & Craig-125 Sophie & Craig-126 Sophie & Craig-127 Sophie & Craig-128 Sophie & Craig-129 Sophie & Craig-130 Sophie & Craig-131 Sophie & Craig-132 Sophie & Craig-133 Sophie & Craig-134 Sophie & Craig-135 Sophie & Craig-136 Sophie & Craig-137 Sophie & Craig-138 Sophie & Craig-139 Sophie & Craig-140 Sophie & Craig-141 Sophie & Craig-142 Sophie & Craig-143 Sophie & Craig-144 Sophie & Craig-145 Sophie & Craig-147 Sophie & Craig-148 Sophie & Craig-149 Sophie & Craig-150 Sophie & Craig-151 Sophie & Craig-152 Sophie & Craig-153 Sophie & Craig-154 Sophie & Craig-155Sophie & Craig-157 Sophie & Craig-158



Sophie & Craig-156


posted by Kenn Reay, June 19th, 2017

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