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Rachael & Michael waited about ten years to tie the knot, but when they did, it was a lovely gathering with family and lifelong friends.

You could just tell by the atmosphere that everyone had known each other for years.  Although the weather didn’t play ball, it didn’t dampen anyones spirits and the day just went with a swing.  Time with the girls in the morning was a laugh and when I caught up with the guys it was clear that Michael was going to have his leg pulled all day.  After the ceremony we did a quick tour of the hotel to get those “couple” shots and although we tested the conditions outside once or twice, it became clear that we would not be able to stand up in the face of the fierce Northerly wind and rain.  The speeches were all great and Lee, Michaels best man, raked through their childhood and managed to embarrass most people in the room.  It was difficult to remember that we had to keep shooting as were were drawn into the stories!  First dance was lovely and topped off by them being joined on the floor by Emily and Vinnie, who did their own version, bless them.   All in all a lovely day and thanks for letting us play our part.

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posted by Kenn Reay, November 24th, 2016

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