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This was a first for us and a last for Guyzance Hall

The first time we had shot there and the last wedding at this lovely venue which is up for sale.  It was a great day as Kelly and Andy had put so much effort into adding unique personal touches to their special day.  No shortage of detail for us to pick out!  Little Maddie even helped me out photographing the dresses bless her.  Maddie and I then had to find Dad and deliver the gifts from Kelly – a real treat for me to witness.  Most of the guests were at the venue from very early in the day so it felt like a very busy day from the off with people running around checking on the all important details.  It was a joy to see Malcolm’s face when he saw Kelly in her dress for the first time.  Given that we have known Malcolm for about forty years it was difficult holding back the tears ourselves.  A lovely ceremony, then the weather held off allowing us to get the group shots and the all important couple shots in the beautiful grounds.  The speeches were great with the two best men doing their best to embarrass Andy and then just after the meal, it was off outside again to take advantage of the glorious winter light.  All in all a lovely day with great people and an absolute pleasure to be part of it.






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posted by Kenn Reay, November 13th, 2016

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5 Responses to “Kelly & Andy’s Wedding at Guyzance Hall”

  1. Kelly Rackham says:

    Wow wow wow. First off I have to say a huge huge thank you to you both . Kenn and Sheila you two are the most amazing photographers around. Although you’ve known my dad for some time the first time I met you I felt like I’d known you forever. You answered all our questions and having seen your work we just knew we had to book you. Our pre wedding shoot we were a little nervous but you both put us both at ease straight away and we captured some amazing images although I was soo poorly. Good work! Ha then onto the wedding. For me you were there as our friends who were capturing our special day. And what a magnificent job you did at that. Capturing all the tiny details we put in and telling the story along the way. So many people that day said how lovely you both were. I have to agree! You both work so amazing together and create the perfect team to capture people’s special day. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. The photos are amazing. Thank you for also letting Maddie get involved with it all xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Kara Scott says:

    Beautiful photos of a wonderful day!

  3. Jacqui, Gary, Lily and Daisy says:

    Fantastic photos by such a lovely couple. So friendly and professional.

  4. Kenn Reay says:

    Hi Kelly, and Kara, and Jacqui etc…
    Many thanks for the lovely comments. We truly, truly enjoyed the fantastic day you were all part of and enjoyed. Wedding photography is a dream job when everyone just goes with the flow and you all did that. Amazing to be part of it and we can’t wait to see the finished album. Its going to be an absolute cracker.

  5. Linda and Roger Snowball says:

    Stunning photographs, absolutely gorgeous, well done to the photographers, we couldn’t be with you on your special day, but looking at these photos have made us feel part of your wedding. Something for us to treasure, thank you so much .

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