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Another great day out at Eshott Hall

We knew we were in for a great day as we had shot Adam and Deborah’s wedding a few years ago and Adam was one of Steven’s best men.  So we knew it was going to be a laugh from start to finish and so it was.  A fantastic bunch of “girls  and boys” to play with!  The day started horribly wet but that didn’t stop Steven and the guys going off for a bike ride.  I thought this was somewhat risky and I was delighted to see them get back safely.  When it turned out that they hadn’t a watch or a phone between them and they weren’t the slightest bit concerned, that kind of set the scene for the day.  The preparations went well and it was still raining so all of the girls including Grace herself were bundled into a car and driven the short distance to the Reading Rooms for the ceremony  I’ve never before seen a bride squashed in so much but Grace emerged uncrushed and looking lovely.  With the ceremony completed, the rain miraculously stopped.  This was a real blessing as I think we were pretty much resigned to being indoors for the day.  A lovely walk up the back lane to the hall then straight into group shots, finished in record time, followed by some couple time with Grace and Steven around the grounds.

We knew that he speeches were going to be good and they were.  Steven knew that he was going to face some flack so he donned the appropriate safety wear before best men, Adam and Mark started a very elaborate double act, raking through their pasts together as a trio.  I think they could write a book!   As the evening guests arrived, we grabbed a few more shots and with the weather dramatically improved most people were outside.  Everything happened on time and before we knew it, First dance was upon us.

We had a fantastic day and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of it.  Thanks guys for inviting us.

Grace & Steven-102 Grace & Steven-103.  Grace & Steven-106


Grace & Steven-101Grace & Steven-108 Grace & Steven-109 Grace & Steven-110 Grace & Steven-111 Grace & Steven-112 Grace & Steven-113 Grace & Steven-114 Grace & Steven-115 Grace & Steven-116 Grace & Steven-117 Grace & Steven-118 Grace & Steven-119 Grace & Steven-120 Grace & Steven-121 Grace & Steven-122 Grace & Steven-123 Grace & Steven-124 Grace & Steven-125 Grace & Steven-126 Grace & Steven-127 Grace & Steven-128 Grace & Steven-129 Grace & Steven-130 Grace & Steven-131 Grace & Steven-132 Grace & Steven-133 Grace & Steven-134 Grace & Steven-135 Grace & Steven-136 Grace & Steven-137 Grace & Steven-138 Grace & Steven-139 Grace & Steven-140 Grace & Steven-141 Grace & Steven-142 Grace & Steven-143 Grace & Steven-144 Grace & Steven-145 Grace & Steven-146 Grace & Steven-147 Grace & Steven-148 Grace & Steven-149 Grace & Steven-150 Grace & Steven-151 Grace & Steven-152 Grace & Steven-153 Grace & Steven-154 Grace & Steven-155 Grace & Steven-156 Grace & Steven-157 Grace & Steven-158 Grace & Steven-159 Grace & Steven-160 Grace & Steven-161 Grace & Steven-162 Grace & Steven-163 Grace & Steven-164 Grace & Steven-165 Grace & Steven-166 Grace & Steven-167 Grace & Steven-168 Grace & Steven-169 Grace & Steven-170 Grace & Steven-171 Grace & Steven-172 Grace & Steven-173 Grace & Steven-174 Grace & Steven-175 Grace & Steven-176 Grace & Steven-177 Grace & Steven-178 Grace & Steven-179 Grace & Steven-180 Grace & Steven-181 Grace & Steven-182 Grace & Steven-183 Grace & Steven-184 Grace & Steven-185 Grace & Steven-186 Grace & Steven-187



posted by Kenn Reay, June 18th, 2017

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