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Entries for November, 2015

Tweet A great day out with lovely folk at Langley Castle

posted by Kenn Reay, November 28th, 2015

Tweet What a day.  There was always going to be so much going on that we knew we had to be on the go all day.

posted by Kenn Reay, November 7th, 2015

Our Partners

  • Andrew Taylor – Saxophonist Andrew Taylor, a saxophone player based in the North East, specialises in performing personalised beautiful music at weddings to create the perfect ambience.
  • The Garden Studio Our Florist. It’s that simple. Katie-Jane is an award winning finalist at the Chelsea Flower show. Her creations combine art and invention. She is a master at interpreting your ideas and transforming them into beautiful displays
  • Y.A.P Bridal These lovely people will turn your dreams into reality and then add a touch of magic to lift it to another level. We love them!